Address Validation / Classification in NAV / BC

The shipper may be charged additional fees for shipping to incorrect addresses. Rates to residential addresses are usually higher than to commercial addresses. If a residential surcharge is to be added to the shipping fees, the address has to be classified.

UPS provides a Web Service to support both requirements:

Using Postman, this Web Service can be tested easily. In the screenshot below, we are sending the source document on the left, which has an incorrect ZIP code. The response on the right shows the corrected address coming back from UPS. In addition to the correct ZIP, we also get the +4 code. The single address line was split to separate the “Suite 150”.

The “AddressClassification” Element shows this address correctly classified as Commercial.

Using this Web Service, we have built a little add-on for Dynamics NAV / BC to allow the user to verify and classify the Ship-To Address on the Sales Order, Customer Card and Ship-To Addresses:

Once accepted, the address is marked as verified – the classification then drives available Shipment Methods:


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