RaSQL Autonomous Indexing

Maintaining proper indexing is one of the best ways to maximize the performance of a SQL Server.

Application code and/or user behavior often changes over time. Without matching indexes for SQL requests, data retrieval will be slow and consume more system resources. When table sizes grow over time, these performance issues get worse.

At the same time, existing indexes that are actually unused cause the insert of new records and modification or deletion of existing records to be slower.


Missing indexes -> Slower READ performance
Unused indexes -> Slower WRITE performance

Traditional index tuning is time-consuming and expensive. Consultants have to perform manual index analysis, develop a list of missing and unused indexes and implement them one by one.

RaSQL is a fully autonomous indexing solution that performs all the same steps on a daily or weekly schedule:

  • Automatic/autonomous daily analysis of missing indexes
  • Creates missing index suggestions based on best practices and rules refined over years of implementations
  • Uses thresholds for transactional loads to avoid over-indexing
  • Keeps logs of all indexes created, including the metrics the decision was based on
  • Maintains proper indexing automatically, even after code and/or user behavior changes
  • Proactive monitoring of index implementation (free monthly SQL checkups by a consultant)
  • Free consulting in case of indexing-related issues

RaSQL is a monthly subscription. The price equals about 2-3 consulting hours.
However, the automated processes of RaSQL equal several hours of consulting every day.

Pricing: A one-time setup fee of $1,950 for installation & configuration and a monthly subscription of just $475 / month.

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