AppHost+ Azure Hosting

As an official Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), we provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting of Dynamics NAV environments, as well as Hybrid Solutions (i.e. Disaster Recovery) on Microsoft Azure.

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Our competitive pricing includes the initial deployment, as well as ongoing management of the environment. The deployment and management fees are flat-rates, so there are no surprises.

Azure hosting cost are estimates, monthly Azure cost is based on actual resource utilization.

The one-time deployment fee is a flat-rate service fee and includes:

  • Setup of the environment and all Virtual Machines in Azure
  • Installation and configuration of NAV/SQL according to best practices
    • Goes above and beyond standard (default) installations
    • Optimized for maximum performance
    • Includes database maintenance and monitoring jobs
    • TCP Port-sharing and consistent NAV Instance naming syntax
    • Dedicated NAV instances for things like Web Services, Job Queue, ADCS, etc.

The monthly management fee is a flat-rate service fee as well and includes:

  • Pro-active performance monitoring and tuning
    • This includes fine-tuning indexing, memory management, storage latency, etc.
  • Helpdesk Ticket System
  • User permissions support (adding/modifying users, etc.)
  • Resource utilization reporting
  • Disaster Recovery Preparedness
  • Additional NAV Instances

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