NAV / SQL Performance

NAV / SQL environments are often not configured with maximum performance in mind.

  • Users getting lots of locking / dead-locking errors?
  • Client going unresponsive all the time?
  • Forms / Pages loading slowly?
  • Reports running for hours?

“Our company had been experiencing system slowdown issues.  Thanks to our partnership with AppPatio performance has never been better.  As a manufacturing plant typically operating 3 shifts per day, I was concerned about availability with our system maintenance windows but AppPatio was flexible and available at all hours as needed.  Not all SQL issues are the same and with their expertise in both SQL and Microsoft Dynamics they were able to suggest and apply changes that made a dramatic impact.  Issues with locked resources are down 85% and our team couldn’t be happier.”
Trey Morris, IT Systems Supervisor, Sunshine Mills, Inc.

Our SQL Performance Health Check is a 2-day remote engagement to perform a thorough analysis of your SQL Server.

The result of the analysis is a summary document listing all the findings and recommendations. You will have a punch-list of action items to improve performance.

Some of the common areas of analysis:

  • Database storage layout for both TEMPDB and User DB(s)
  • Storage performance, especially latency
  • SQL configuration and options
  • Windows configuration
  • Hardware specs
  • Indexing
    • Missing Indexes
    • Unused Indexes
    • Index Compression (SQL Enterprise Edition only, or SQL 2016 Standard SP1 and newer)
  • SQL Wait Stats – reveals signs of bottlenecks
  • SQL Trace Flags
  • Memory utilization
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Database maintenance
  • NAV Server configuration
  • Terminal Server configuration

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